■Keiko Kawasaki
Keiko Kawasaki was born in 1960 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. She graduated from the department of Education, Ibaraki University. As a freelance film director, she has been directing TV programs and educational VTR films on topics such as environmental issues, women’s issues and international issues. Also, since 1999, she has been interviewing and photographing Afghan refugees both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which have been introduced at photo exhibitions in many places all over Japan. Her other activities include giving lectures on Afghan women’s issues.

Major publications and productions
Photo book: “Afghanistan of These Children” by AURORA JIYU ATELIER
“Endogenous Development and Education” by Shinhyouron
Documentary films:
“Afghan Refugees—The Children Who Do Not Know Peace”
“Afghan Refugees—The Women Struggling to Live” by Toei company

■Yoshito Nakatsu
Yoshito Nakatsu was born in 1946 in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the department of Sociology, Hosei University. He was employed by a filmmaker Chunichi Eigasha and worked as a chief planner until he resigned in 1980. As a freelance filmmaker he has been writing scripts and directing films since then.

Major productions
Documentary films:
“Wajima-nuri lacquer ware”
“From the town of Arita pottery”
“The Road That Led to Japan’s Annexation of Korea”
“The Facts of Japan’s Colonization of the Korean Peninsula”
“The Road That Led to The Pacific War—Japan’s Invasion of China”
“The Pacific War and Southeast Asia”
“The Pacific War and Okinawa”
“The Four Major Cases of Pollution in Japan—Yokkaichi asthma”
“The Four Major Cases of Pollution in Japan
—Itai-Itai Disease and Minamata Disease”
“The Family Life of Schoolchildren of China”
TV documentary film: “Spaceship Earth” Series by TV-Asahi