"The Spring of Yakaolang" describes the life of a school teacher and his family from the district of Yakaolang, central Afghanistan. It presents the tragic history of Afghanistan seen through the eyes of the teacher, his wife, and daughters as it unfolds over the past three decades. It concludes with his words of hope for the future of Afghanistan, in a message that has meaning for all.
2005/Japan/Documentary/Color/Dari and English/79min

Opening scene
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Beautiful Lakes"Band-i-Amir" in Yakaolang

"RAWA Activities Film" show Literacy couses,Premary and secondary schools,Orphanage,Demonstration,and Speaking tour.
2006/Japan/Documentary/Color/Dari and English/7min
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DVD of "The Spring of Yakaolang "and "RAWA Activities"

DVD of "The Spring of Yakaolang "and "RAWA Activities"
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