Yakaolang means gbeautiful landh in the Dari language.
But today, refugees from this beautiful land can only return amidst a raging storm that has continued to tear through this land.

Yakaolang is located in the center of Afghanistan. It is a harsh, dry land, with bare mountains through which fierce winds blow. It is only 100 km west of the famous Buddhas carved in the mountainside of Bamiyan, destroyed in March 2003 by the Taliban. It takes eight hours to go from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to Bamiyan, and several more hours over a rough, unpaved road to reach Nayak, the seat of Yakaolang District. In October 2002, Nayak was still a ghost town bearing the unhealed scars of war. And the village of Akbar and his family was still silent after the unspeakable events that Akbar now finally relates to his students. In this film, the silence of Yakaolang is finally broken, and the film concludes with the sounds, images, and promise of a new spring in Yakaolang.

copy right: Keiko kawasaki
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